Upmedia.uk working with BritishEnglish.TV Produced an in-house e-learning platform in English for educational purposes

In conjunction with BritishEnglish.TV we produced an e-learning platform with over 42 specialized videos to assist with training for over 120 employees. Prisa Digital has quite a few complex business processes which needs to be understood by all the employees.


  • Hight Quality Video Prodction
  • Subtitles in English and Spanish
  • Special high performance LMS (Learning Management System) website made
  • Special made content specific for Prisa Digital
  • User can request video to be made if not already created
  • Accessible only via local intranet to make sure the data is secure

SITE Design

Recent digital specifically wanted a site which was simple and easy to navigate but backed up with a lot of power and functionality.

we wanted the site to be very I pleasing for all the users. However, we kept in mind that we wanted all uses to focus on the content and not to be distracted by unnecessary information. We can with the design which was simple efficient and very effective. It incorporated a search bar as well as an easy to use navigation system.

one of the most powerful elements of the website is that the users have the ability to request a video. This was sought-after as sometimes users would find Certain new procedures that had not been incorporated into the platform. This offered a greater level of expansion for future growth.



The predominant language in Spain is Spanish. Therefore we were tasked with making a video player that could support subtitles in English and Spanish. One of the main functions of this particular platform was to increase the level of English amongst the users. The subtitles provided a great way to understand the Content perfectly.

BritishEnglish.tv provided a great British actor to record all the videos. it was paramount that the English was spoken perfectly and of course the subtitles to synchronize perfectly with the voice


BestBusinesses.co.uk required visually I pleasing business cards as well as a logo. UpMedia.uk provided all the services necessary in order to fulfill the objective of BestBusinesses.co.uk


VOD (Video On Demand)




Search engine

request a video

“The digital world changes ever so quickly and finding a trusted partner these days who really knows their stuff is becoming more complex. I am happy to have found UpMedia.uk as they really do use cutting edge technology to help us with our business objectives and innovation.”
Jim Novack

CEO, Dynatec & Talent Swarm

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